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The divorce rate is 3.4 percent of this total which would make the total divorce rate 50 percent. This is the national average according to the National Center of Health Statistics.

Divorce laws again vary by states, but in most states, individuals without children can be divorced is as little as one week such as, in the state of Nevada, but issues with marriage and property can make the divorces last as long as two to four years. Nevada is quick to issue marriage certificates and equally as likely to issue divorces. You might say it is the marriage and divorce capital of the world.
Laws in other state vary with the length of time that it takes to get a divorce in the state, but the average of length of time that a divorce takes in a state with uncomplicated divorces, take an average of six months. Those complicated by children o property usually take a year or two to process.

Divorce is a traumatic process that individuals should not enter into lightly. It obviously profoundly damages families, and can make children different emotionally that they would be otherwise. That being said, there are some marriages that simply should not stay together. Statistics show that children that are from divorced homes, prefer that and do better, than those that are from a extremely dysfunctional family system where families are constantly fighting or are at odds.

Those that simply "picked the wrong person" to marry, should probably be able to divorce without stigma. Some people continue to "hang in there" for years, when it obvious that the marriage is not working. Individuals should really consider whether divorce is the option or not however, since they do of course permanently affect the couse of your life.

Divorce is also costly. The average cost of divorce is around 20,000. Divorce in the U.S> is a 28 billion dollar industry, and those that profit are usually the divorce attorney. Individuals who are contemplating divorce may want to consider other options first such as, mediation, counseling or other alternatives. Even a lenghty separation without making divorce a final option may be an option for individuals.

Many people overlook these options and hastily decide to get a divorce when it is not always the optimal way to cope with a situation. Individuals who have children, property, or other assets may do well to consider other options as divorce is not only costly economically, it is also costly emotionally.

Many people who have divorced do end up regretting their decisions. Men usually fair pretty well in a divorce situation, but the statistics do not often favor women. It is estimated that women lost over 1,000 dollars in social security benefits alone. Even those who remarry are not nearly as likely to do as well
economically if they had remained married to the first spouse/ Divorce is costly in more ways than one. It is an ethical, moral and legal decision one that an individual should not enter into lightly.

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